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Sudoku Kingdom

The Sudoku Kingdom has certainly taken the world by storm, this is quite an achievement when compared to other enormously famous games that are technologically enhanced for it is seemingly a simple game.

What is the Sudoku Kingdom?

Sudoku came to become a sensation in the US and in Europe from unknown parts of the Japanese gaming industry. Sudoku is not just for the teens and young, business people, busy commuters and even seniors have taken it to the next level. Since many adults don’t find time to go to entertainment zones to have fun or play games or it might also be boring or expensive since these have been around for quite a long time. The complete concept of the puzzle game involving small expense ( Sudoku is a free game that can be found in dailies as well as mags and websites), logical thinking and a little leisure time is very captivating.

The Sudoku Kingdom is an online Sudoku gaming website. You can play Sudoku online on the Sudoku Kingdom and win. You will be given an Ebook which includes 48 Sudoku puzzles at the end of the month for five users who get 100 points or more. The winners will be selected randomly. Players with a high score will be displayed on the website and the maximum points to get per day is 128.

The Sudoku pull is very hard to resist as this puzzle game only requires one to grab a pencil and an eraser for beginners besides the game grid to start the fun.

It is just a simple numbers game that causes so much craze in the world. Sudoku is a logic game that has 9×9 grids which have nine columns, nine rows, and nine squares. Each square must have numbers written by the players and only number from one to nine can be placed. Its objective is to fill up all the empty boxes with numbers without repeating the same number in the same column, row or square. It can be tough since there are about eighty-one little box that you have to fill up.

This puzzle has only one answer so it’s important that you place down the best one on the right square. A series of wrong answers in other boxes are made by one wrong answer. These answers are interconnected that one number depends upon the surrounding numbers.

Players have to fill up all the eighty one boxes since some squares are already filled up as clues and that is a piece of great news! The easier the puzzle is, the number filled up, but in some cases, placement of numbers makes the puzzle harder despite having more clues.

How’s that for easy?

No great mathematical ability is needed and neither do the players have to consult anyone else: the rules are simple and once you are able to understand its basic, it’s only a matter of logical thinking to arrive at the whole set of numbers needed to fill the grid.

Popular ways to play Sudoku

If you love Sudoku, then there are ways to play it to satisfy your addiction and give your brain a workout.

Printed puzzles – these were the first method of distributing these puzzles. Dell magazine was the first to publish these games in their magazine under the name of “Number Place”. This puzzle latter spread to numerous books. People started to play this super addictive game when they feel bored. Printable Sudoku puzzles are also available on the website called “The Sudoku Kingdom”.

Online Sudoku game – Play Sudoku online on the Sudoku Kingdom, it’s an increasingly famous Sudoku puzzle website. Unlike other sites, this one allows you to auto-populate cells with candidates in order to guide you better to solve the puzzle using the technique.

How to play the Sudoku Kingdom?

The three rules to play the Sudoku Kingdom are:

  • Every number from one through nine appear at least one time in each row
  • Each of the numbers from one to nine must be only once in each column
  • Each number from one to nine must only appear once in each of the smaller three by three grids.

In order to increase the complexity of the same, these rules must be stringently obeyed in order to make sure that each three by three grid has the numbers from one to nine to show only once in the series.

The beauty of this puzzle game lies in the fact that this game can be played at various levels of complexity or degrees of difficulty.

Keeping in mind that you should follow the three rules mentioned above, you are now all set to start playing the game Sudoku Kingdom.

The Sudoku puzzle can be solved easily and does not require any guessing while playing the game. Like other puzzles, the best way to start is to begin searching for the clues. Many experienced players start searching for the number that appears frequently in the first grid. For example, let’s assume you have various 5’s in the first puzzle. Now look in the 3×3 grid to see if the number five is also located there. Now start searching for other places where the number five appears.

Check the rows and columns as these are crafted to guide you locate where the other 5’s are. Remember that number five can appear only one time in each of the 3×3 grid, rows, and columns. If there is already a five in columns one and three then there should not be any more 5’s in those two columns. So the final number must be placed in column two. This process of removing all the potentials in the box will help you to solve the puzzle correctly.

While searching over all the 3×3 grids you must ensure to only place the numbers one through nine in the rows and columns that hold a majority of the numbers. If there are only two numbers left that are not in a row or column you delete the numbers in order to find out where to place the last two numbers. If you have ruled out one of the chances on each row or column there will be a chance to fill the line you are playing.

The steps explained above will guide you solve Sudoku Kingdom puzzles and show you how to play these puzzles easy. You will find that more advanced puzzles are hard and will need a skill set that experienced players to use to look or examine the chances of the puzzle. These changes revolve around a player solving and winning the game with all of the various choices given in each square. There will be instances where there is no way to remove a possibility, so a number will have to be chosen. In this instance, it is important to remember where you have chosen that number in case that first choice was wrong.

Sudoku Solving techniques – A Technical method

Numerous players of this puzzle game find very hard to work out. Nonetheless, because of the ingenious minds of the players.

The following are some of the solutions that you work out at any level of the Sudoku puzzle.


This solution is accomplished at the beginning and all throughout the game. Scanning is important and must be executed many times in the middle of analyzing the puzzle. There are in reality two common formulas which are;

Cross-hatching – this is scanning of rows and columns to find out which line has a number that must be moved out. This technique is duplicated in rows and columns. For an apt outcome, the numbers must be glanced over based on the frequency. It is also important to execute this strategy in order to find all the one to nine numbers

Counting – this technique is executed to find out what are the nonexistent numbers are. In order to provide an accelerated outcome, counting must be done based on the last number uncovered. While the scanning is done, advanced players will usually, at this point of the stage, search out for solutions. They accomplish it by nailing down the position of every number in a column or row.

Most hard puzzle games have a lot of possibilities that must be identified. These solutions could comprise in various directions or intersections. The puzzles that need only the solution for scanning in order to be identified are segmented as the easy puzzles. Contrariwise, hard Sudoku puzzles might also be figured out by applying to scan, but even so, it includes the trial and error of possibilities.

Marking up

Scanning is usually ceased once there is no number that can be found. From this, it’s hard to exercise some orderly analytical thinking. Many players consider it is accommodating to conduct the analysis by tagging up the possible numbers in the empty boxes. There are two notable notations in marking up;

Subscript – the potential numbers are written in the subscript box. The drawback to this is that these puzzles lined up the magazines and newspapers are too small to carry the subscripts. Hence, it is recommended that if you are planning to exercise this syllabary, you must build a large copy of the puzzle or just a pencil.

Dots – the reward of this is that it can be done on original puzzles. When making use of the syllabary, In many cases, you need to possess great dexterity in order to assign the dots. Unintentional or misplaced dots might direct you to displace and confusion. The last thing in the mind is to confuse yourself after using through strategies to get the right numbers.


The following are the two common methods in analyzing

Removal – removing potential numbers from one box or more is the formula to have only one remaining alternative. After getting each solution, it would be productive to execute a different scan. This is made to know the effect of the last number placed in. There are various removal methods. The one that is commonly practiced is the unmatched number removal. Boxes with the same sets of potential numbers are a match if the number of possible numbers is equal to the numbers of boxes having them.

What if – In this technique, a box carrying only two possible numbers is chosen and an estimation is made out. The steps already brought up are duplicated except if the same number is found in the same box. If duplication happens, the remaining alternative candidate number is the answer. In logical expressions, this is what known as the reductio ad absurdum. This sort of technique demands a pencil and an eraser. An analytical perfectionist might frown on this technique as of its many trial and error processes. Also, this technique can draw out results faster.

Is not needed to mix techniques in order to work out the Sudoku Kingdom puzzle. This technique, however, might rule out the drawback of the above solution, which for most players can be very tiring. The calculation of the columns and rows can bore the most veteran players. Getting down the right numbers in the empty box can also waste additional time. Also, the what-if – technique might be confusing unless the players have the experience and knowledge to experience to orchestrate a solution in a systematic manner.

The safest answer is to figure out the puzzle to explore the formulas that don’t include too many calculations, marking off and analyzing.

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Now you know the techniques to help you solve Sudoku Kingdom puzzles. Every puzzle from easy to difficult can be solved using these simple tips mentioned above. Getting help to play the game is no way cheating as a learning curve is needed in all things worthwhile and getting to know about the complete Sudoku puzzles by use of an is aid is definitely not cheating, not it is taking away the need for mental agility in solving some of the hardest one.

Some Tips are in the video that can help you to solve the toughest Sudoku Kingdom Game


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