Kissanime | The Video Online Anime Website and Its Alternates Websites

Kissanime | The Video Online Anime Website and Its Alternates Websites

Do you love watching anime? Anime is a very famous form of Japanese animation. And of course its famous in Japan and makes fans all over the world crazy. Large glistening eyes, brightly colored hair, exaggerated facial expressions are some of the common things that remind of anime. There are many anime websites and KissAnime is one of them that makes anime – addicts go insane!

What is KissAnime – The background?

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a famous website for 2 reasons, one it has the best English dubbed and subbed anime in high definition and second, it’s absolutely FREE!. If you are an anime lover, then you probably might have heard about KissAnime. And you can find millions of anime lovers here, as they are officially called “King of Anime Websites”. KissAnime uploads anime in all video quality from 240 to 1080p. The websites have a very clean and simple interface with various genres to pick from including, romance, fighting, comedy, horror adventure and much more.

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Is Kissanime free?

All you have to sign up. You are allowed to make folders to list all the various animes you have watched and you can also share them with your friends through email. Here You will also get updates through the mail when they upload a new kind of anime. You can also comment on videos and join discussions. All these are absolutely FREE on Kissanime.

Kissanime is not just limited or a site just uploads cheap anime. There are loads of short series as well. You can also watch various dubbed seasons as well as movies too. The website proves to offer something for all, no matter what your taste is.

Is Kissanime legal?

Kissanime is one of the biggest anime streaming online site though it is not a legal platform, as the content shown on the site is not done by official ways followed by other applications. If you are watching a movie or an anime on their website it would not get you arrested. This is like the streaming sites, where the streamers are the ones who are performing the illegal things while you will be the watcher is doing anything wrong. So don’t panic while using the platform. It is unlawful to save things from the webpage. Kissanime is not a legal website, but a great source of Anime.

Also, Kissanime is safe to use and no virus is associated with its usage. The official site does not have any sort of malware. But, some sites have mirrored sites, which might have hackers and spammers. It is completely a copy of the official site. The Kissanime original site does not have any kind of malware or another spam ware.

How KissAnime works?

If you are an anime watcher, then KissAnime serves you the best. There are people who still don’t know how to use the website and how it works.

  • Pick your favorite anime from the category
  • Click the title and you will be redirected to a page which has a list of episodes that has anime.
  • Click ‘next’
  • Watch the episode you want

You can also download the episode, but scrolling the page down and click the button ‘save link’ with the desired pixel dimension. Your anime download will be done within seconds and you can enjoy watching it without buffering. If you have followed the steps mentioned above perfectly, then it’s easy to download anime videos from the website.

Do you have to create an account?

No, there is no need to create an account to watch the video. The sign-up option is for those who want to manage their favorite videos. You can also make folders to list down all the various series you have watched and make a wish list of what you want to watch too. You can share them with your friends via email and signing up gives you regular updates and keep you notified about your favorite series.

Top 10 alternatives of KissAnime

We have filtered the top KissAnime alternatives to give you the best. KissAnime was taken down a few times the website is not currently working under the name – www., if you want to find a great alternative to the site, then check out the list below;

1. Anime Season

Anime Season

Being top on the list, a great website that offers quality anime video. The site is absolutely free and provides high-quality videos for the viewers. It’s a great alternative of KissAnime and it comes with minimal ads as compared to KissAnime site. You can get the list by recent views, genre and highest rated. This website is a place to watch cartoons and online anime.

2. Chia – Anime

Chia - Anime

This website is considered a real KissAnime alternative for various reasons. First, both the websites are free to access and offers a wide range of anime collection, which also includes videos, movies, and series. The only drawback of the Chia – Anime is the interface which seems to be a bit messy. You will notice ads all over the site, which makes browsing experience tuff.

3. Crunchyroll


The website was launched in 2006 and has a wide user base ever since. What makes this website so unique and a great alternative to KissAnime is that the site is not just for anime lovers. This is because the website is not just limited to anime but has so many other series in all languages, not just Japanese and English. The website’s categories are music, entertainment, anime, of course, manga and more. The website is a hub with more than 15000 hours worth of content that of OFFICIALLY LICENSED. Now, that being on roll! The website has one minor disadvantage, not all videos are free!

4. Anime lab

Anime lab

One of the best anime website that offers high-quality tracks from Japan. You can get various series added each week and more than 1000 of shows and series episodes are uploaded. It also has famous anime and their kinds. Each category is also segmented into subcategory offering various fold of options. You don’t have to register to watch videos on Animelab. Now that’s a great deal for anime freaks!

5. Anime-Planet


If you want old anime in HD then Anime-Planet website should be your preference. This site offers both old as well as new anime in high definition. The home page has the list sorted into sections based on the new anime, popular ones, and suggestions. This instantly catches you up with new releases and famous ones. The only drawback of the site is that like all another free anime site, it shows too many pop-ups and advertisements. This might not be a great deal though, and it’s still a desirable spot for anime watchers.

6. GoGoAnime


Not to be missed on the list! The website offers all sorts of anime from old to new and the latest. Along with the usual, this site has also a new season option as well, which displays the newly launched ones so you don’t miss out!

7. 9Anime


A great KissAnime alternative which is reliable as well as trusted. The website has more than 26000 anime series and movies to watch. You will be entertained for hours! The major benefit of this site is that you can suggest your favorite anime to be uploaded on the site. Another great feature of this website is that It allows you to stream in HD and offers English dubbed option.

8. Anime Land

Anime Land

A great alternative to KissAnime and has a huge list of dubbed anime movies from dragon ball to naruto and one piece. The website features new and latest anime collection at the home page. You can get quality anime videos from 480p to 1080p HD. No sign up needed to watch your favorite anime series and movies. Seamless streaming and minimal ad popups are its advantages. A well-organized website with a clean interface.

9. Anime Park

Anime Park

Another great website to watch anime episode in English subbed. You don’t have to pay anything and It’s absolutely free! You can also download your favorite anime shows and watch online. The website has more than four thousand anime series collection and all are absolutely free. The video quality available on this platform is a bit low when compared to the other. But still, you can watch shows from genres like romance, comedy, drama, action as well as adventure.

10. Masterani

Masterani is one of the most famous websites for anime streaming and an excellent alternative to KissAnime. Watching anime videos and shows is super easy and you don’t have to sign up. The only requirement you must have is the latest version of Flash player. You can check the show schedule which will be updated on the site and also saves shows and videos to watch later.

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This is the list of KissAnime alternatives that offers some of the best quality anime videos and shows. Watching anime is extremely fun and if you are an anime lover then no exception.

So guys enjoy theTop 5 New & Hot Anime on Kissanime.


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