How to Protect Your Mac Against Viruses

Protect Your Mac Against Viruses

For anyone who wants a PC that’s built for more than just business functions such as data entry, a Mac is probably the thing for them. The iMac range from Apple is favored by people who work in such fields as design and media production, while it’s also seen as safer to use than the typical PC because they’re not as common.

Despite that perception, the fact is that Macs tend to be just as vulnerable as PCs when it comes to the threat of being infected by malware. Although the most recent Mac models are equipped with a built-in firewall, they’re not guaranteed to be immune to being hacked into or to being infected by a range of viruses, worms, Trojans, and rootkits, giving Mac owners cause for concern.

Far from impervious

Recently, roughly one in 100 Macs were infected by the Flashback malware, although Apple was prompt in delivering a patch to fix it to the thousands of Mac owners affected. This shows that Apple is just as serious as Microsoft when it comes to protecting their machines against having their security breached, but there’s only so much that they can actually do.

In order to guard against the threat of infection, as many PC users do, installing some sophisticated antivirus or antimalware software is imperative. To have all bases covered, ensure that your Mac also has a firewall, as it will help to add another layer of security and obstruct any worms or viruses before they can even begin to wreak havoc on your machine, rendering it beyond use.

Supplementing the basics

Most Apple computers will have basic firewalls and antivirus protection, but in some cases, that’s not enough. Having dedicated software which can snuff out even the most serious and sophisticated virus or worm can help to put your mind at rest thanks to its ability to offer constant protection and the use of regular daily scans which try and check every single file for a sign of infection.

As with PCs, it’s important to install antivirus software on your Mac, especially if you’re more anxious than the average owner about finding that your machine has fallen prey to cybercriminals hungry for your most valuable documents and information.


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