How To Cheer On Twitch | Viewer’s Guide

Twitch introduces the new way to support your favourite broadcast by Cheering them. But a lot of people do not know “How to Cheer on twitch”.

How To Cheer On Twitch

Twitch introduces the new way to support your favourite broadcast by Cheering them. But a lot of people do not know “How to Cheer on twitch”. Here’s a full guide to understand the cheering feature completely. It doesn’t matter if you are a channel subscriber or not, you can still cheer for the channel. Twitch introduced the Cheering feature in a blog post.

How to Cheer On Twitch for Free

You can cheer on twitch by simply typing in the chat section “Cheer100” or you can get Bits for cheering by Watching Ads.

How To Get Free Bits on Twitch for Cheering?

  • Filling Surveys

There are a number of ways to obtain free bits on Twitch but the easiest way to get free bits is by filling out surveys on Twitch RPG. The number of bits you earn will depend on the length of the survey you take. Most of the surveys take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete and you can earn anywhere between 100 – 500 bits. 

The other way to earn bits is by watching Ads on either desktop or phone.

  • Getting Free Twitches By Watching Ads

  1. Search for your favourite channel on Twitch and wait until the stream gets fully loaded.

2. You will see a diamond shaped icon on the bottom right corner, that icon is called Bit icon. (If you are not able to see that icon that means the channel doesn’t support Cheering.

3. Click on the Bit icon and select Get Bits option.

4. Click on the Watch Ad button and start watching the ads.

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 How Much Are Twitch Bits Worth?

The real world monetary value of 1 Twitch bit = 1 penny USD. Most co

Twitch bits have a real-world monetary value of 1 Twitch bit = 1 penny USD. Conventionally, Bits are purchased from the twitch store in packages from 100 Bits for $1.40 to25000 Bits for $308.

The price list of Bits is given below: 

100 bits=$1.4 

500 bits=$7

1000 bits=$10

1500 bits=$19.95

5000 bits=$64.4

1000 bits=$126

25000 bits=$308

How To Buy Bits for Cheering?

The way to buy bits on Twitch for Cheering is

  1. Click on the Get Bits Button in the upper right corner of the video player then select the Bits you want to purchase.How To Cheer On Twitch
  2. Go on the Bits icon button that appears in the Chat message window, to the left of the Emoticon button, only on the channel that has enabled Cheering option.
  3. Click the Buy  button and select the bundle of Bits you wish to purchase. You can buy any number of bits you want.How To Cheer On Twitch

Choose the payment method. After selecting a payment method you will be asked to login and authorize the payment.How To Cheer On Twitch

Review your purchase before choosing the payment option to process the transaction:How To Cheer On Twitch

As soon as your purchase is successful, your Bits are immediately available for use!

Note: People who violate the terms and conditions will be punished and their accounts will be banned.

Anonymous Cheering

You also have the option to cheer anonymously by selecting the Cheer Anonymously option in the Cheer card, and use the Anonymous Cheer Cheermote!

Anonymous Cheers will appear as a cheer from an Anonymous Cheerer, and all channel Cheering minimums still apply. The ghost badge that appears next to your cheer is only for AnonymousCheerer, and cannot be earned.

Read more about anonymous cheering here

What Are Some of The Benefits of Cheering?

You might be wondering what are the benefits of Cheering? Why should one cheer for their favourite broadcast streamer? Some of the benefits of Cheering are:

  1. Cheering helps viewers to support their favourite broadcast.
  2. Viewers can make donations without any worries.
  3. You need not have to spend a penny from your pocket, you can simply earn bits by watching ads or by performing surveys.
  4. Viewers can send bits according to their budget.
  5. You will have a chance to earn Cheer Chat Badges as you cheer.

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Does Cheering Support the Affiliates And Partners?

Yes, Twitch provides participating Affiliates and Partners a share of the revenue from Bits used to Cheer for them.

Cheering support the streamers as subscriptions do. You can earn cheer chat badges from cheering to recognize your support. Twitch also provides the support for moderation tooling, fraud checks and protection against chargebacks.

Are Third – Party Services And Tools Still In Use?

Yes, streamers are still free to use all existing third-party services and tools. Cheering only provides a new value to the Twitch community, it is a special way to get feedback and make the Broadcast Success.

Wrapping Up

It is really easy to Cheer on Twitch and additionally you will also get a chance to get Cheer chat Badges. You can get the bits for free or buy them for Cheering. Let us know in the comment section for which Broadcast you will like to Cheer!!!


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