How Fleets Are Getting Smart with Mobile Phone Technology

Mobile Phone Technology

Fleet management is a combination of many things including technology, operations management, and decision making. Currently, managers are looking for better ways to manage their vehicles using the most convenient methods possible. Most people are now embracing the use of mobile devices because they are portable and versatile.

Now, you can have all the company operations in your hands. Whether you are the owner of a fleet, a manager or just have an interest in the sector, the insights below will be beneficial. They shed more light on how fleets are getting smart with mobile phone technology.

Understanding Mobile Phone Technology

Initially, mobile phones were manufactured to enhance communication through their portability. Therefore, they would only make calls and send text messages. Fast forward to today, the mobile phone, through the use of Android and iOS, has become more than a personal assistant.

If you have the latest smartphone in your pocket, then you are carrying a complete computer. And that is why many business sectors have turned to them to aid in managing various operations.

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The Wave of Mobile Friendly Apps and Software

The fleet companies of today are lucky because there are numerous apps and software programs that they can utilize to make operations a success. Fleet managers should know that mobile phone technology is helping the sector in the following ways.

· Marketing – running a fleet is a business that requires management just like any other business. Today, the web is the best way to market your business through a website, social media pages, and digital ads.

Did you know that you can easily achieve this with the use of a mobile phone? Most importantly, the fleet companies make their websites mobile friendly to increase the exposure of their businesses.

· Diagnostic – forget the gigantic diagnostic tools. Welcome to the world of small OBD scanners that are synchronized with smartphones to diagnose vehicles. Some of these adaptors can be fixed in vehicles for continuous monitoring of the vehicles for better management.

But according to Eyeride, fleet companies that have used these devices claim that they can easily interact with them using a compatible app on their smartphones.

· Managing employees – fleets are now getting smart as they embrace the use of mobile phones to monitor and manage their employees. Drivers can log in and out using an app that is installed on their mobile phones.

Likewise, an app can be used to send reports. This reduces the chances of laziness and excuses at work. According to studies, this has increased the productivity of fleet companies in a great way.

Fuel and mileage management – whether the fleet is using mobile phones to check for gas stations nearby or for recording fuel consumption logs, the bottom line is that these tasks have benefited a lot from various apps on mobile phones. Commonly, the apps can record fuel and mileage management information and transmit the appropriate reports to the managers.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that any person can manage a fleet in the best way by using mobile phone technology. In addition to embracing what is trending as far as this is concerned, you also need to know the value it will add to the company.


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