After 4g Whats Next For Mobile

After 4g Whats Next

You may be just getting used to the improved performance of 4G but the mobile companies are already looking to the future of the mobile Internet experience.  Now that 4G has rolled out across all of the US networks it’s time to look at the next step.

Currently, 5G is not about specifics, it is an umbrella term for developments that are coming in the next mobile generation.  These developments may not happen tomorrow but there are definitely more changes and enhancements on the way.

How fast is 5G likely to be?

You think 4G is quick? Well, the new generation of mobile development is going to bring even more impressive speed.  It is estimated that speeds will be able to reach 100 times that of the current 4G capability, similar to iiNet. And if you do an internet speed test of 5g network on your device then you will find the highest speed.

What else will the next generation have to offer?

It won’t all be about the speed with all of the new developments.  One of the main issues that people have with 4G is the lack of flexibility caused by the use of traditional contracts restricting data usage.  It’s like having a luxury yacht but only being able to sale it in the harbor.

In theory, there should not be any need for such restrictions once the new technology arrives.  Estimates suggest that capacity will be increased by in excess of 1000 times.  You can see how this should reduce the need for providers to limit individual access to the network; there will be plenty of space for everyone.

If you watch video on your mobile device you will know that it can take time for data to transfer.  With 5G this should be history; when you press play your content should start playing immediately.

Possibly the best news for 5G is that it’s likely to have a greater reach, none of those access issues in some areas where coverage is sketchy.  It is envisaged that smaller antennas will be employed, in greater numbers.  Signals will also be able to bounce off solid objects.

When and how will all of this happen?

There are no absolutes when speaking about 5G just yet, and it’s possible that it will be a series of different technological developments from a number of areas, not just one central theme.  But the journey has begun with companies such as Samsung already working on their developments.

They are working on using millimeter-wave frequencies which they believe will be at the foundation of 5G communication.  The work is ongoing but during tests, they have managed to transmit data at speeds of up to 1.056Gbps from a distance of 2 kilometers.

It’s still going to be some time before the benefits of this new technology are seen on a daily basis, with most estimates for the commercial release of 5G technologies being 2020.   Although when you consider the fact that we are all only still really getting to know 4G it’s not that long off in reality; not long until we see the introduction of a faster, less restricted, and more available mobile solution.


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